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Noles-Frye Realty provides more opportunities for greater earnings and peace of mind about your financial future through our high-quality tools and services, rewarding commission plans, company-generated business opportunities, and our “share the wealth” talent attraction program.

Commission Plan Styles Tailored for Your Requirements

Our goal is to help you succeed, and our commission plans are tailored to fit your needs at every stage in your career. We offer you the choice of plans that reward you with larger commission shares as your production increases. You can also choose to “start at the top” or buy up plans as your business grows. Our goal is your financial success: when you achieve success, so do we!

Relocation Referral Business

Our Family of Companies’ Corporate Services Department maintains a relationship with nearly 50 national and global relocation companies. These companies generate nearly 1,200 transactions for our Agents, annually. Our Corporate Services team also negotiates contracts with local employers to bring you more listing and sales opportunities with local employees. Relocation and Referral business provide an additional income stream and more time for your daily business development activities.

Website-Generated Business

In addition to relocation referrals, you will have referral opportunities from the thousands of Internet leads generated by our websites each year. Our Internet Customer Care Department carefully qualifies and nurtures each lead before passing them along to you to ensure they are ready to begin the home buying or selling process. By participating in our E-Team, you receive high-quality leads more likely to result in sales.

Talent Attraction Program Earnings

When you help our company grow, you share financially in that success for years to come. Simply help attract another Agent (new or experienced) to Noles-Frye and receive a substantial percentage of what the company earns when sales are made. It comes from our company’s portion of earnings as a way of thanking you for being an effective ambassador for our continued success. Our Talent Attraction Program gives you an income stream above and beyond your personal sales.

Financial Support

Simply put, when you join Noles-Frye Realty you won’t have the expenses that other Agents normally deduct from their business earnings. Noles-Frye covers completely or greatly subsidizes many of the normal costs associated with your Real Estate business, saving you money and adding to your net income. When you receive and accept an offer to join Noles-Frye, our financial support begins immediately.

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