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Natchitoches, the seat of thriving Natchitoches Parish and officially the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, is located on the Crane River, just Norhwest of Alexandria, LA.

The statistics on this page relate specifically to Natchitoches, LA. They include all residential sales and listings at all price ranges..

Homes For Sale vs. Homes Sold in Natchitoches, LA

The For-Sale vs. Sold graph is actually a supply and demand chart and shows year-to-date statistics. It shows the inventory of homes for sale in Natchitoches, LA, month by month, the sales in Natchitoches, LA by month and how many homes went under contract during each month. The light green bars represent the homes for sale. At the bottom of each light green bar is a dark green bar representing the sales for that month, and the red line shows how many houses went under contract for that month.


Average Price of Homes for Sale and Sold in Natchitoches, LA

This graph shows average prices for which homes have sold and also the average asking prices. This graph should help you determine the affordability of homes in Natchitoches, LA. It can help you track appreciation and depreciation of properties in the area and can also show you how realistic the asking prices are, based on the difference between the average sold price and average active price. (Note: Fluctuations in this graph are frequently a result of seasonal influences.)


Average Price per Sq Ft in Natchitoches, LA

This graph depicts the average price based on square footage and is helpful in deciding on a fair price for a home.


Personalized Real Estate Statistics Available

The information above is for Natchitoches, LA, however, this type of information is available for each specific city, town and subdivision within our market area. If you would like information on a specific area, or for a particular property type, contact our or call 866-794-1022 and they will be happy to have that prepared for you.


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